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Dent and Hail Repair in Cedar Park and surrounding areas


We Repair Hail – Mobile Services Available

The recent storms that have come through Central Texas have packed quite a punch, with very high winds and hail being reported at 1″ to over 2″ in diameter. With these conditions being common this time of year it’s very likely to cause some major harm to your vehicle if you were not able to get it to safety in time. The damage can be pretty extreme and widespread paintless dent in Austin and surrounding areas will be used to undo what mother nature caused. Hail repair in Cedar Park and paintless dent in leander the surrounding areas will cost less than conventional repair and take much less time to do it in. We are based in Cedar Park, Tx so a drive to do hail repair in Leander is great for the consumer needing our mobile service. Call us today for your free damage evaluation.

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With absolutely no obligation we’ll take a detailed look at the damage and let you know what it will take to restore your vehicle to pre-storm condition. Hail repair in Cedar Park and hail repair in Leander is our business. Please call us for any questions you may have.

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Say goodby to the stress of having your deductible and insurance figured out so you can proceed with the repairs to your vehicle. We are experienced with the entire process and know exactly how to advise you from day one to the final repair being completed. With the storms coming through the area, you can bet most shops are completely overwhelmed with requests to provide repair services. We have the flexibility of mobile services and experience with severe hail. We’re also a local company who cares about the members of our community – which is a huge plus. We are here for the long haul, not a fly-by-night operation. WE STAND 100% BEHIND OUR WORK!

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Understanding the Claims Process

Recent Hail damaged vehicles in Central Texas are starting to show up in shops to be repaired. MrDentz has already seen a good number of them this year.  If you have a storm damaged vehicle please call Joe Sarmiento at MrDentz LLC - Mobile Paintless Dent Repair at 512-940-9918 so you may know the proper steps from getting your insurance company claim started to having the last dent removed from you beloved car or truck. Once you have received your claim number you may be asked to to go to a location, usually a body shop your insurance company has an agreement with, to have your vehicle inspected by an insurance appraiser or adjuster at that location. You must know you are not obligated to have your vehicle repaired at that or any other shop that may be suggested to you. It is totally up to you, by Law, where you want to have your vehicle  repaired including if you wanted it repaired at your home while you watch by a Mobile Paintless Repair Company like MrDentz LLC. Once you have a copy of the estimated damage of your vehicle your appriser/adjuster my write you a check or draft for the estimated cost to repair your vehicle less your deductible. At that point they will explain the repair process and explain the estimate, deductible and your car rental if you have that on your policy. Your rates should not go up because you've had a Comprehensive Coverage Loss it is an act of God. Please Call Joe Sarmiento at MrDentz LLC you always get more for your money.  512-940-9918

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